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I can't find my sign-up confirmation email

Check your email account spam or junk folder, and make sure you are checking the correct email address you registered with. You can also have another confirmation email sent to you by logging in and going to your account settings.

I forgot my password

You can request a new password by clicking the Forgot your password? link on the EpikChat log in page. We'll send you an email with a link to reset your password, please make sure you have access to the email address you registered with.

Deactivated accounts

Your account may have been deactivated for the following reasons; you requested to deactivate your account, or your account was deactivated due to inappropriate behavior and/or violating EpikChat's terms of use. If you feel that you have been wrongfully removed from the site please send an email to

'Proxy error' when loading the chat

This error is usually caused when your IP address is detected as a proxy or VPN. EpikChat's video chat rooms are not compatible with proxys or VPNs. If you feel this message is an error please contact

White screen / missing plugin

This error is caused by not having a compatible Flash Player. Please make sure your Flash Player is up to date. Go to to download the latest Flash Player.

I am unable to start chatting when logged in

To complete the sign-up process EpikChat requires all users to confirm their email address. After you have confirmed your email address you will have full access to EpikChat's services.

EpikChat offers users unique ways to interact online. You may access the video chat rooms as a guest or create an account to reserve your username and access more features like private messaging. Members also have the option of verifying their accounts to access additional broadcasts. EpikChat supports HD video streaming, private video and room settings. Learn more about user account levels and badges.

Features Guest Member Verified
Webcam chat
Private messaging
Create chat rooms
Create private rooms
View chat history
Chat in multiple rooms 2 4 6
View multiple webcams 2 4 12

Account settings & privacy

To change profile information and/or make certain information private click the Edit button on your profile. Verified members must have Age displayed on their profile.

Your EpikChat username

You may select a unique username during the registration process which will show up in all chatrooms and on your profile page. For example, someone named Jane might choose "janeisawesome" for her username so her friends can visit her profile by going to


EpikChat offers verification as an easy way to authenticate your account. By using a semi-automated system, verification images are compared to profile information you supplied when registering. Verification makes it easier to identify authentic accounts on EpikChat.

Any account with the verified badge is a verified account.

How to become a verified member

Once you create an account, a message will appear on your profile page with the option to become a verified member. Simply follow the instructions on the verification page to submit your picture. If your verification picture is not accepted you will not receive a notification but you may try again in 24 hours. Please allow at least 24 hours for your account to be verified.

Adding friends & friend requests

To search for your friends profile use the search bar located at the top of every epikchat page. If you know your friends username you may view their profile directly by clicking on their name in the chat or going to [their username]

To make a friend request click Add Friend on the top of the user's profile you would like to send a friend request to. Once your friend request is approved you can click on Friends in the side menu to view which one of your friends is online and where they are chatting.

Who can see the Friends section of my profile?

By default, everyone can see the Friends section of your profile. You can adjust who can see your Friends section by changing your privacy settings

Sending messages

To send someone a message on EpikChat click the Send Message button on the users profile, this button may not appear if you have not confirmed your email address. To block someone from sending you messages open the message they sent you and click Block.

Why is my room closed

Rooms may be closed by an EpikChat administrator for a number of different reasons such as; your room was observed breaking the terms or the name of your room has an offensive or inappropriate word in it.

Removed from the chat

A user may be removed from the chat temporarily for violating the terms of use, or banned from the entire chat system by an EpikChat administrator if deemed necessary. These bans will last for 48 hours after they are issued.

Safety tips

EpikChat provides a variety of tools to enhance your chatting experience, more safety tips are provided at

Report inappropriate content

To report inappropriate content in an EpikChat room please contact us at Make sure you include the room name and any other important information. Reporting a room does not guarantee that it will be closed.


If someone is harassing you in the chat rooms, or acting inappropriately we suggest that you stop all communication with the offending user. You can also report that person by clicking on their name in the chat and pressing 'report'. If you’re uncomfortable with a chat conversation, you can also block the person from contacting you by clicking on their name in the chat and pressing 'block'.

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