Account Badges

What are EpikChat badges?

Badges are displayed on your profile to indicate your account level and/or other accomplishments. Certain badges may also be visible in the chat.

  • Guest

    A newbie

  • Registered member

    You get this badge just for signing up.

  • Verified

    A user that has authenticated their account using EpikChat's verification process.

  • 18+ Age Verified (discontinued)

    A user that has verified their age is 18+ using EpikChat's age verification process.

  • Bug Hunter

    Reports bugs they find on EpikChat.

  • White Hat

    Responsibly reported any vulnerabilities in EpikChat code and reported it to us. More details here.

  • 5-Year Club

    Congrats on 5 years! Keep being awesome.

  • VIP

    Any account created within the first year of EpikChat's launch. Thanks for sticking with us since the beginning!

  • Supporter

    Someone who provides financial support for EpikChat.

  • Beta Tester

    Participates in testing new versions of EpikChat!

  • More new and exciting badges coming soon!

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