Safety Tips

This safety tips page has been created to help you have a safe and enjoyable experience while using EpikChat. Please remember not everyone in cyberspace is your friend or even who they pretend to be, some people may attempt to record your webcam or take snapshots of you, so please exercise caution with your broadcast. There is no way to tell if someone is recording you or not, for example someone could just point a camera at their computer screen. The following tools are provided for your safety and enjoyment.

Broadcasting watermark

  • EpikChat has a video watermarking feature which allows you to embed a unique watermark into the video stream of each person viewing your broadcast. When starting your broadcast you will have the option to enable this feature. Learn more about this feature.


  • If someone is acting inappropriately in a chat room you can report the user by clicking on their name and pressing Report which will be sent to our staff for review.

User blocking

  • You can block users who you do not wish to communicate with by clicking on their name in the chat and pressing Block this will not allow them to view your broadcast or message you.

Direct message settings

  • By default direct messages can be sent to your account from any other user on EpikChat. For enhanced privacy you may change this setting to only accept messages from friends. This setting can be found on the Account Settings page.