Interested in learning more about EpikChat? Read through our FAQ to learn more about our unique history. Plus, you can find answers to the most commonly-asked questions.

EpikChat is created by people who love video chatting just as much as you do. With a goal of bringing people together to make new friends and share experiences, EpikChat aims to offer the best possible services and entertainment for our users. We started this venture with a desire to create an amazing product, and we learned a lot along the way.

As our passion and commitment to our users continues to grow, we reinvented our entire chat system based on our experiences over the past couple years. EpikChat 2.0 is our big push forward to leapfrog any other chat that exists today. EpikChat has positioned itself as the most innovative, modern chatting system, utilizing the latest in video streaming technologies.

Our independent status in the industry allows us to provide the quickest updates and stay on the cutting edge of what people demand from a chat site. We come in peace, we come with love, and we’re here to kick some ass in the process.

Yes! Simply head to epikchat.com from any mobile phone or tablet device to start chatting. For broadcast viewing and live streaming we recommend using iOS 11 or Android Lollipop (5.0) and above.

Right now EpikChat does not have an official app on Google Play or Apple's App Store but you can still use our site and all of it's features, including live streaming, directly from your mobile phone or tablet's browser.

Money will never be our motivation, and to answer the question, we’ve made none. EpikChat is funded by a small group of investors and volunteers. Long term, we do have a plan to bring in revenue through apps and in-chat purchases. We started this as an effort to bring a fun, free, and safe chat to the masses, and long term, we’d love to generate positive cash flow. But if we don’t, that’ll be just fine as well.

EpikChat cares deeply about its users, and that would be a wrong thing to do, it also does not make any business sense. To answer the question, EpikChat does not data mine, sell, or share your personal information with anyone.

No. You don't show your IP to anyone else when chatting or streaming video, it's only shown to our servers. So, for someone to get a user's IP, they'd have to hack into our side of things, which are much, much more difficult to infiltrate than other programs such as Skype for example, which is very lax when it comes to IP security.

You can report service issues and bugs to us via our contact page. More information regarding vulnerability testing and research can be found on https://epikchat.com/whitehat

Yes—if we couldn’t retrieve data from our own servers, we wouldn’t be able to deliver video and chat messages to the recipients desired by the sender. Do we manually retrieve and look at user data under ordinary circumstances? No, and EpikChat does not store or have the ability to maintain replays of previously streamed live broadcasts.

The process of streaming video and sending messages to their recipients is automated. A circumstance when we might manually retrieve a snapshot of a live stream or message content would be if a broadcast has been reported to us or we are compelled by law to access and disclose information.

At the moment EpikChat does not offer a way to integrate chat rooms into a blog or website, but we are working on offering this feature in the near future.

Our private beta site launched in January 2012 followed by an official public release later that year.